“La Cholita”, is a family business around 60 years old, and bears the name that is colloquially referred to women dressed in traditional costumes of the provinces of Cusco. The chocolate shop carries in its DNA the attachment to its land, its traditions and its native products. Our method of making chocolate respects tradition in its process, from the grain to the bar (bean to bar). The variety of chocolate we offer has flavors of the region of Cusco, Peru. Eating a piece of chocolate from “La Cholita” is like taking a little piece of Cusco with you.
Our products seek to attract travelers from all over the world to participate in this adventure of flavor of our original chocolates, with the Cusquenian chocolate at the forefront and the use native ingredients such as the coca which is a source of energy and helps prevent altitude sickness, and the quinoa that is recognized as a protein source for excellence. Thus, the chocolate bars we offer are made from 65% cocoa with coca and 37% cocoa with quinoa, making all the Andean flavors a part of the adventure along the Peruvian trails; combining pleasure, joy and energy.
If you want to discover the flavors of our region, the best option is “La Cholita” and its variety of Andean chocolates and exotic liquors. On a typical cold Cusquenian day, we invite you to our warm “chocolate room” to enjoy a Cusquenian-style hot chocolate accompanied by a homemade cake. To enjoy a good walk through the main attractions of Cusco, you need a lot of energy; with our energetic bars you will have enough for a day full of adventures and the best experiences. And if you love our chocolates and want to share your experience with your loved ones, you can also buy our gift boxes and our chocolate bars as a delicious treat.
Since 1959, our factory manufactures its chocolates from the grain to the bar (bean to bar); All our products are gluten free and contain high percentages of cocoa chuncho with nutritional properties that protect the heart by reducing cholesterol; they nourish the brain to improve memory and sleep by combining chocolate with nutritious ingredients such as quinoa, coca, Aguaymanto, Cocoa nibs, Elder or the salt of Maras.

“La Cholita” chocolates are made with organic cocoa beans and natural ingredients. Our production processes, from the grain to the bar, are carefully executed.
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