– Passion in Each Detail–
From the choice of an exquisite flavor, the perfect design of a truffle, the box of chocolates wrapped in a ribbon, the presentation and decoration of our stores, they enclose countless feelings that welcome the customer, making him feel at home.

We make handmade chocolates with chuncho cocoa–classified as the finest in the world–characterized by an intense aroma with notes of nuts and citrus that dissolves on the tongue. We combine this cocoa with highly selected ingredients to achieve the perfect balance of flavor.

Since 1959, Barberis by La Cholita works hand in hand with the native communities of the Valle de la Convención, cacao growers par excellence, who always received a fair price for their production of cocoa to contribute in this way to the sustainable development of our region.
Likewise. we promote initiatives that strengthen the capacities of women in Cusco to promote policies in favor of gender equity, for which 90% of our employees are empowered women, whose values ​​are transmitted in their work.

From the beginning, our company has aimed to include Andean culture that transcends borders and keeps alive the essence of our roots, so the brand was called “La Cholita”. It refers to “Chola,” the generic name that is given to mestizo women in the Andean countries. We also combine the chocolates with native flavors from the region to share with the world the gastronomic culture of Cusco.

The selection of an exquisite taste, the perfect design of a truffle, the box of chocolates wrapped in a bow, and the presentation and decoration of our shops encompass an endless amount of feelings that welcome clients, making them feel at home.

Our chocolates are made with first class quality cocoa. We prepare them in a meticulous and careful way. Each one of our products are handmade and we dedicate time and care to each step of the production process. We integrate cocoa as a main component without using vegetable fats. We add touches of delicious flavors with ingredients such as quinoa, aguaymanto, almonds, pecans, peanuts, which, like cocoa, can provide a healthy alternative. Also, our chocolates are fused with fruits that give them exquisite flavors. Our artisan chocolates are the best choice to sweeten the palate and stay healthy.

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